More a collaborative art project than a band per se, Yila’s line up is as free-form as their multimedia shows. 

They are made up of members who have worked with Floating Points, Roisin Murphy, Polar Bear, but always at the heart of the set-up is Alastair McNeill, whose time with Murphy is evident in YILA’s musical output to date. Other contributors include Renate Sokolovska, a flautist who has played with Floating Points and plays no small part in this new intriguing new track.

The lyrical refrain of “Overload” was heard late last year courtesy of Kasra V’s remix, but here the original shines in all its frenetic glory. It was apparently inspired by the overwhelming barrage of information we technophiles have so willingly embraced by way of the demon social media, and this concept is reflected succinctly in "Overload".

It's a track so chock-full of ideas, themes, patterns - each of them enjoyably digestible on their own - which altogether create a panic-inducing noise crescendo mid-way through the track.

When listening to its bleeping synths, Radiohead-esque analog burps, and skittish industrial beats, it’s hard not to picture the hundreds of data servers and satellites churning out data as we mindlessly post our lives amongst the #nonsense. And just when it’s almost too much to bear, enter the flute, a leitmotif for…humanity perhaps? Familiarity? Like your phone's innocuous alarm clock, it repeatedly bludgeons you with a joyous, insistent melody until the very end.

On second thought, maybe forget about the modern social commentary stuff and just enjoy this track for what it is - an excellent release, courtesy of Rob Da Bank’s new House/Techno imprint Silver Bear Recordings. We look forward to more from this artist and this label.

Overload EP is out on 26 February (pre-order).