It's an exceptionally stripped-back track, where Westerman's vocals are left exposed to reveal the cracks and delicacy of his delivery. It feels deceptively simple, where a basic beat and handclap keep the song powering forwards.

Despite the apparent bleakness of the subject matter, where Westerman addresses the idea of mirages and illusions and also turning away and choosing to ignore the problems in the world, there seems to be hope that can be found amongst the madness. The fragile synths and Westerman's fragmented melodies all accumulate to form a kind of magic that simply glitters through the repeating motifs.

"I Turned Away" is the accompanying track to the widely acclaimed track "Confirmation" that came out earlier this year, and further articulates Westerman's refining artistry.

Westerman will headline The Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday 11 April.