If you can paint a mental picture of Dunfermline powerhouse Big Country with Marilyn Manson on guitar and Siouxsie Sioux on vocals then you are close to the sound and aesthetic of The Ninth Wave, Glasgow’s premier power-pop outfit.

Formed through a mutual love of all things ‘80s, The Ninth Wave have quickly become a staple in the vibrant and boundary-pushing guitar scene that continues to flourish across the border. On their latest single “Liars” it is quickly established that the group, although young in age, display a skill for songwriting that transcends the depressingly dull state of affairs found in most reverb-soaked indie bands.

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Discussing the basis of the track, singer Elina says: Lyrically the song is all about the society and everyone around us telling us to be a certain way, to fit into a box. It was written out of frustration towards the way you end up suppressing who you are and everything that makes you different from everyone else. The chorus lyrics "you are killing me" is really aimed at anyone in our lives who has once told you that you can't be this or you shouldn't wear that”.

"Liars" from the EP Reformation is out 22 September via Distiller.