TEME first crash landed onto the scene with the twinkling soundscapes of "bj.sadsong" back in April, drawing us in with the luscious peculiarity of their sound that dipped and dived between explosive euphoria and subtle grandeur.

With "LC Meth Church", the mysterious outfit up the stakes once again. This time around, the main vocal melodies are more up-front and at first seem to feel more pop-inspired, but in typically TEME fashion, it's not long before they lead you down another road and off to another sonic destination.

The track surprisingly samples the Ludlow Community Methodist Church choir who were practising in the building opposite them, adding a haunting and almost mystic atmosphere to the complex, yet endlessly intriguing track.

Speaking on the creation of the track, TEME explain how the looped choir samples ended up on the final cut. “We rushed downstairs and into the Church. Inside we found a large choir practicing Benjamin Britten songs, with a precocious choir master conducting. After hovering awkwardly at the back for 20mins recording it all with our iPhones, we knew we had more than enough to take away. We sampled, looped and manipulated the iPhone recordings of this well-aged, charismatic choir, retaining some brilliant moments of the excitable conductor.”

It's another gorgeously experimental track that further highlights TEME's ability to leave us wanting more.

"LC Meth Church" is out now.