Peppering the majority of the track with his tender tones, Talos uses his ornate voice and subtle melodies to craft a stirring, moving atmosphere.

The slow burner builds on Talos’ echoey vocals, emphasising the vast aura built around his voice. The delicacy of his emotive sound seems overwhelmingly understated, a contrast that undoubtedly leaves the hairs-on-end.

Towards the peak of “Your Love Is An Island”, the track's fragility begins to morph into more expansive electronica, building tension through ghostly synths and magical melody. It soon evolves into a confrontation between the synths and Talos' angelic vocals, which fade into the unceasing synths.

Another stirring, beautiful effort from the Irishman, which appears on his forthcoming O Sanctum EP. Stream below as Song Of The Day and check out the accompanying video.