No, not a cover of Sara Bareilles’s airwave-surfer, nor the Adele-anointed Cure chestnut, nor even the oft-forgotten Ciccone/Nelson hook-up from Like A Prayer, but an actual brand spanking newbie from fresh-as-forehead-sweat Italian him ‘n’ her duo Husband. And a bloody good one at that.

Though not, one hastens to add, the sort of ‘Love Song’ that anyone but the most devoted of black eyeliner disciples is likely to spin at their wedding disco. As tribal drums dovetail with midnight-hour synths, topped off with vocals dronier than a battered old launderette washer/drier struggling through an extended spin cycle, you might find yourself thinking, “Is this what the B-52′s would have sounded like if they’d been into witchy shit instead of ’50s kitsch?’

Even if you don’t, you’re sure to find this ‘Love Song’ as deliciously dark and intense as the perfect Milanese espresso – and, as with said short, sharp caffeine fix, one shot will not be enough.

Husband: ‘Love Song’