Oh Holy Shit, it’s time to get really excited again. Not since the words Washed and Out leaked from a Myspace page has the blogosphere been this buzzing over one band. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but right now I really can’t stop talking about DOM, an obsession I’ve noticed arising in the tweets, text and tracklistings of a few good friends too.

Based in Massachusetts, Dom is the first name of a 22 year old who leads his band into a world of burnt out synth glory. From the one interview I’ve read with him over on Pitchfork he appears to be a pretty strong minded leader as well. None of this mystic secret identity crap either – just straight up, balls out opinionated honesty.

And then there’s the music. New EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods makes me feel like exactly that. It makes me wish I was tanned to hell, riding my push bike through the melting hot streets of some hip European city. We’re talking pure pop songs covered in molten guitar with a kiss of rebellion. One listen to ‘Living in America’ and it will be your song of the summer. I’ll see you on the sun bed.

Pick up Sun Bronzed Greek Gods on CD or 10″ vinyl from the guys at Burning Mill Records now.

DOM: “Living In America”