Felix Mongeon, aka Montreal electro-pop artist Radiant Baby, has shared a new love song oozing with glittery 80s synths and a tropical beat.

Swaying freely like the palm trees in the tropical breeze, "Firecracker" is a calming, yet intense love song that puts Mongeon's vocal delivery and instrumentals somewhere close to the soft synth-pop of Finland's Jaakko Eino Kalevi.

The sultry saxophone inputs dance elegantly with the synths to elevate the track to a euphoric and lustful place.

Speaking about the track, Mongeon explains, "“Firecracker” is a sweet and naïve classic love song, with a nostalgic and vulnerable feel. I wrote a first instrumental version about four years ago. At the time, I was just learning music production. I was very attached to the demo and it took a few years before I could finally finish the song and write lyrics that made sense with the music. It’s my personal favorite Radiant Baby song so far because I was able with this song to express a new side of my project, even though I’ve always loved a good romantic and emotional song."

Expanding on the animal-friendly video, Mongeon says, "For the concept of the video, I [mapped out] ideas with my girlfriend Lara and she came up with the idea of portraying people with their pets. I thought it was a really cute and fun way to represent love without necessarily having to show a human couple, like it’s usually done in romantic videos."

Following on from his earlier single "Do It" and his debut album announcement, "Firecracker" is a compelling love song that pushes aside the distractions of 2018 to focus on the fundamental feeling of love, which Radiant Baby delivers with a majestic manner.

"Firecracker" is out now. Radiant Baby's debut album Restless lands on 8 February via Lisbon Lux Records. Catch Radiant Baby live in Montreal and Toronto over the next few months. Find out more.