Replacing the menace of their first track with a pulsating longing, "Soldier" slowly but surely unfurls itself as a motivational banger.

“The song is about feeling that you’re not really in line with what your inner self tells you to be," Pooma tell us. "That you have made choices in your life in accordance to what your surroundings expect from you, not what you really want. When you start realising that, you don’t want to face it since it would require such big changes in your life. Instead you try to suffocate your inner voice by all sorts of distractions.”

With buzzing synths cutting through a hazy electronic ambience, Tuire Lukka's ice-cold yet aching vocal and a percussive urgency which builds in intensity as the track progresses, "Soldier" does all it can to rouse Pooma out of falling into line with everything and everyone that's gone before. Ending up almost as a thumping house track, this latest offering from the Finns confirms their status as a special band.

"Soldier" is taken from the EP of the same name, out 2 June.