You best hold onto your seats, because any forray into Peluché's world no doubt results in a break-neck speed, juggernaut of a blast through a whole sonic highway of sounds, ideas and seemingly borderless experimentation.

Peluché's gift, however, comes in how they bring together a vast forray of sounds into something that is relatable and endlessly interesting. They push the boundaries, but they never push the listener away, instead inviting you further into their invented space where nothing is quite as it seems and everything is pushed to its limit.

Jazz, psychedelica and Latin grooves all nuzzle up next to each other, finding their place and creating something that is boldly refreshing and intriguing, with "To Be A Bird" just proving itself as another example of Peluché's well-honed expertise.

Peluché will play the Amersham Arms in New Cross on 26 June and you can get tickets here.