Their infectious blend of influences make for a wholly exciting project where the songs emerge from long jamming sessions in their self built studio-come-shed. The resulting sound that the trio create is unpredictable and intoxicating, where creative boundaries appear to be non-existent as funk bass lines are shot apart by crashing drums and overlaid by dreamy, glittering vocals.

Explaining the completely natural way in which the song came into being, the band say: "'Keep Making Me Happy' developed from a mood and an unspoken feeling - we were jamming in our shed to some old Ibiza Club Classics and suddenly the bassline, beat and atmospheric sounds arose, built and repeated until we were lost in the rhythm of the groove.”

Directly translated, Peluché means 'soft cuddly toy' or 'teddy bear', which kind of makes sense. Both the song and their refreshing attitude to music act as a little uplifting snippet of happiness that offers up a glimmer of hope where a moment of contentment can be found within their inherent pop sensibility. Ultimately, this is a track that will make you smile.

Peluché headline The Shacklewell Arms on the 5th of June.