As the first track to follow last year’s stellar outing "Animals", Pelicandy's new cut is announced with lush, shimmering synths in a swathe of 80s glitter, harking back to the decade’s less officious efforts.

Steadily pulsing basslines and lazily wriggling guitar bring an understated and sultry atmosphere imbued with funk and disco accents; it’s not a sound that would go amiss on the likes of Phoenix’s Te Amo or plucked from Kevin Parker’s Pandora’s Box of sonic gems.

Though despite its charming and seductive demeanour, the track lyrically carries a more bittersweet message. “'Silent Treatment' could be a song about a failure to communicate in a relationship, dismissing others over political differences, or soundproofing your home,” share Pelicandy of the inspiration behind their latest single, though ultimately it has a far simpler and resonant reminder. “But it’s really a song about listening”.

"Silent Treatment" is out 20 March. Find Pelicandy on Facebook.