"Your Echo" opens with a pulsating synth that blasts through and lays the groundwork for the dark aesthetic that underpins the song. Yet, despite this sinister opening, the song does not just revel in the darkness, as Paige Bea's vocals have a wonderful jazzy lightness to them that glides glossily over the accompanying beats that interweave and throb beneath.

Despite its deceptively glossy outer layer and Bea's beautiful vocal delivery, the subject matter of the song delves a lot deeper, elegantly navigating a plethora complex emotions as Bea sings "I won't be your echo / I won't bounce back / If you let go, let go / I'm not coming back".

It swims through anguish, betrayal and the overriding feeling of being ignored in a relationship that is nearing its end, touching on the fact that technology also enhances our problematic, modern-day relationships as Bea explains "you’re connected to so many people you forget the ones who truly matter, thinking they’ll always be just a phone call away."

There is definitely a touch of melancholy interweaved within Bea's lyricism, however the song seems to act more as a call for change and to make sure we let those closest to us know that we care about them.

"Your Echo" is out now via Lapsang House.