Om Unit’s set was one of our highlights from this year’s Sonar. The DJ turned in an adventurous, eclectic set that infused weighty atmospherics with jukey rhythmic experimentation, taking its cues as much from Chicago as from either Berlin or London.

Now Jim Coles is preparing for the release of a new EP, his third for Civil Music. Aeolian is a solid collection that sees the producer in melodic mode, with the vocal-heavy ‘Dark Sunrise’ perhaps the poppiest track Coles has penned. But it is opener ‘Ulysses’ that is the real standout here; an impossibly addictive track that pits Space Odyssee synths against triplet melodies and, at 2:16, an ENORMOUS bassy payoff.

Aeolian is out 30 July on Civil Music. Stream ‘Ulysses’ below.