Coming in hot with song one, "Impatient" is a hint at what's to come from London-based singer/songwriter and producer OhEm. The plan? Drip feed her sensational skewed pop futurism one track at a time, ahead of an exciting first project due later in the year.

While she's cut her teeth in studios and songwriting sessions, she's ready to take to the spotlight herself with a clear mission and vision for her music as she embraces the OhEm moniker. O'Gorman explains "I want to write songs that are direct and honest instead of sweet and nice and how society says a woman should act."

"Impatient" is just that, "[it's] about being blunt and telling it like it is," she adds, "I feel like we have to listen to men talk about whatever they want and pretend we’re interested so often that it becomes second nature."

Packed with tantalising nods to the hyperpop wave, courtesy of Rina Sawayama collaborator Clarence Clarity, this instantly seems like a perfect creative partnership. With a lot more to come, this is just the beginning as OhEm continues to explore.

"Impatient" is out now. Find OhEm on Instagram.