It's an effortlessly dreamy mesh of soft-edged electronica and arena-sized trip-hop, which at times veers towards Mezzanine-era Massive Attack thanks to wobbling bubbles of bass and metronomic beats. Deland's masterful voice, which is simultaneously fragile and hardened by frustration, keeps it away from too close a comparison though - she creates a world distinctly her own on "Take It All".

The burbling, atmospheric cut follows "There Are A Thousand" in previewing Deland's "series of songs" project.

"'Take It All' is about the feeling of denial and eventually humiliation when you expect something significant from a relationship with another whose reasons for involvement are deceptive," Deland tells Noisey. "We wanted to make it sound nocturnal and contrasted."

Altogether Unaccompanied​ Vol I & II are both out 2 March via Luminelle. Pre-order now via Bandcamp.