Magdalena Bay’s DIY approach to the arts is devilishly fascinating to watch. Plastering the walls of their flat in green screens and second-hand lighting equipment, the duo (Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin) are hand-crafting their own musical realm.

Opening with stuttering synth patterns and warped electronic rhythms, on the video Mica appears as a pulsing projection, her holographic image flickering haphazardly on the screen.

Mica’s syrupy vocals taunt her lover as she traverses the apocalyptic terrain. The third release from their upcoming mini mix project, the world they've created could easily exist in the graphic interface of Windows 95 - a glitchy mood board for their retro soundscapes.

“The project started because we were getting frustrated every time we finished a great song,” explains Tenenbaum. “When you finish a track, weeks, months, or even years can pass until the right moment comes along for a single release.

“We wanted to see what would happen if we challenged ourselves to very quickly write weird, short songs and very quickly make weird, short music videos for them. What if we could just release songs into the world without getting sucked into our own heads?”

“Mine” is out now through Luminelle Recordings, with their mini mix vol. 1 soon to follow. Find Magdalena Bay on Instagram.