This might be a comment relying on my admittedly embarrassing level of French, but the new track from Norwegian Alexander Von Mehren is undoubtedly one of the best songs dedicated to a shower.

The 29 year old musician from Bergen brings to bear his classical training, and love for vintage instruments, on this opening track to his forthcoming album Aeropop. It’s an overwhelmingly pleasant slice of lounge-y chamber pop, which struts with a cheeky grin, saxophone solo, and the lush feel of its instrumentation. As all good showers should be, it’s a refreshing start to the day. Sung in French, it’s a pretty and prim take on sweet pop. Listen for yourself below.

La Chanson de Douche comes from Von Mehren’s aforementioned forthcoming album, which has been gestating since 2006, and features international production credits, and a six-piece ensemble.