The track isn't loyal to any specific genre, nor does it portray Level & Tyson as a collective who are looking to carve themselves into any kind of niche.  

Frontman Richard Noir's punchy yet fuzzy vocals gloss the song with an upbeat, slacker pop edge, whilst an infectious, psychedelia-influenced arrangement swirls beneath hints of hefty melody. Level & Tyson have been known to put on a compelling live show, and it's easy to see how this could be true; "Tied Up" brims with a casual yet honest affection for noise, translated via swooning synths and backing vocals hidden amongst scuzzy guitars.

Speaking about the track, the band said: "It's a lovesong. It's about lust and confusion. Everything is about lust and confusion."

A roving, compelling invitation to the kind of atmosphere that those feel-good, hazy, half-remembered summer nights so far in the distance stir up, "Tied Up" is an intriguing insight into a new wave blend of psychedelic synth-pop, proving Level & Tyson to be very much the kind of weird yet wonderful gang that you can only want to be a part of.

"Tied Up" is released on 7 May via Leisure Music.

Watch the video for "Tied Up" below: