Kojey Radical sets the bar high. Everything is ordered and structured, everything has its place, nothing is unconsidered but everything is natural. Here is an artist who has mastered the tone of their delivery, who builds on the work of others and draws from the roots in order to create a vision of the future.

On “700 Pennies” Kojey Radical becomes an impassioned story-teller, weaving a haunting tale of loving someone from afar and dealing with a world devoid of intimacy. His poetic inflections are anchored by the rich melancholy vocals of songstress Shae, another up-and-coming star in the making.

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Like exciting new-comers Obongjayar and Oscar #worldpeace, Kojey Radical has tapped into a cornucopia of influence and inspiration, ultimately ensuring his output is reflective of the ideals he has taken onboard.

"700 Pennies" is out now.