Having previously dabbled in pop music, "God Knows I've Tried" sees the New Zealand-born, Australia-raised and now LA-based artist deep-dive straight into full on, dirty rock'n'roll territory. The end result is raw, gutsy and completely entrancing, like the kind of music you'd expect The Rolling Stones to make if Lana Del Rey was the frontwoman.

The track sees Kelsy Karter utilise her huge vocal capacity and penchant for rebellion to ask for forgiveness and apologise for all the times she messed up. "I've spent my whole life being rebellious and doing what people told me not to do," Explains Karter, "And when you have that kind of spirit, somebody always gets hurt. I guess 'God Knows I've Tried' is just my apology letter in the form of a rock&roll ballad."

There's a timeless quality to Karter, as she makes blues-infused rock'n'roll that could comfortably come from any era. Listening to her latest effort is akin to finding a real gem in your dad's collection of records, where you get to revel in its sumptuous vintage quality and indulge in Karter's meteoric vocal explosion that hits with full force around the middle eight. One word: epic.

"God Knows I've Tried" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.