It can be difficult navigating relationships, especially the intimate kind - and emotional intimacy even more so. This thought is something that singer-songwriter Katy Kirby has been ruminating on with her latest single “Cool Dry Place”, an ode to her perpetual fear of letting a potentially significant other get too close.

Opening with gently plucked guitar, Kirby conjures a confessional air to unpack her more vulnerable anxieties. The piece slowly builds in intensity as she dabbles with the idea of relinquishing to the unknown prospect of trusting another with her feelings - and herself to follow her heart where it leads.

"I had a very fun habit of getting involved with someone and then getting cagey once they needed or just wanted me more than I was comfortable with,” explains Kirby of the track. “I thought this was very intelligent of me, being smart enough to know when to get out, before I got close enough to lose objectivity.

“I suppose it isn’t a terrible rule of thumb, considering that people are statistically dangerous,” she continues. “But this song was me beginning to see my own needs, in an embarrassingly transparent way. I too, am nothing more than a meatbag of vulnerabilities."

"Cool Dry Place" is available now via Keeled Scales with the album of the same name to be released 19 February. Follow Katy Kirby on Instagram.