Josie Man has made her unapologetically dazzling entrance, bedecked in her signature Spice Girls-esque chunky trainers and adorned with '90s glitz as she sings about the refreshing concept of, well, being a good person.

Hailing from Hong Kong and Orpington, for her first release Josie Man drew upon negativity that she's dealt with because of the way she looks and dresses. “This song is very special to me,” Man says, “as it's about people not accepting who I am, what I stand for, how I choose to express myself and how people, in everyday life, should be kinder and more open minded.”

Man explains that her influences stemmed from “from my real life experiences of people laughing at me and what I wear, and I turned it into something more playful.”

“You could feel the love inside you if you tried / looking at the world around with open eyes,” she sings: a notion that seems radical at a time when scrolling down on so many YouTube comments or Twitter conversations shows that an iron-clad veil of hostility is pulled over basic values of human decency.

“I want to show people that it's okay to be yourself and this video is my way of doing that,” says Man. “The cast of the vid are my family and friends which made turning my ideas into reality even more fun, my dad is actually also in the back of the dragon costume.”

As Man sits and chats with beaming, positive friends in the visuals, they talk together about how “beauty is about being confident and having a good heart” and tell each other “don't let anyone make you feel like being yourself isn't good enough.”

"Colours" is out now via PromiseLand / Columbia Records. Find Josie Man on Instagram.