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Jockstrap further tease their second EP with the surreal brilliance of “The City”

Jockstrap further tease their second EP with the surreal brilliance of “The City”

28 April 2020, 12:47 | Written by Amelia Maher

London-based duo Jockstrap have announced their upcoming second EP Wicked City, their first released on Warp Records, along with its second intricately contorted single “The City”.

When it comes to Jockstrap, there are no rules. The pair have a fascinating habit of leading you down one sonic path where they create an atmosphere that draws you in and gives you a false sense of security and comfort. You think you know where you stand before they gleefully whip the rug from beneath your feet, throwing your expectations into complete disarray and launching you directly into the brilliant inner chaos and delicate turbulence of the distorted world they've created.

“The City” comes as the second taster of their upcoming EP Wicked City and follows on perfectly from “Acid” which came out earlier this year. In typical Jockstrap style, nothing is quite as it seems. Much like the city itself, it is a track that comprises of two distinct parts. The opening sees Georgia Ellery’s feathery vocals float above a simple piano part, which is equal parts intricate and dainty and acts as a solemn lullaby.

And then they flip the switch. Ellery’s vocals distort and trip like a broken record and the night sets in. A dirty industrial beat creeps into the frame and then a cacophony of disorientating voices pan around the beat and build in their surrealism. You end up in a complete different place to where you started out, and this is exactly what makes Jockstrap so endlessly captivating.

It feels like it’s not simply about experimenting to take down the boundaries between genres, but more that they don’t even recognise, or maybe even respect, that there could be artificial categories that music has been put into. Ellery explains their limitless approach to creativity in more detail, saying: “The heavy autobiographical narrative of Wicked City is married to an expressive and limitless sound world; influenced by everything we [Jockstrap] have ever musically absorbed and moulded with a ‘fuck it’ attitude. Particular musical features of this record include classical composition, through-composed songwriting and the heavy influence of dubstep.”

Ultimately, “The City” is another tantalising glimpse at Jockstrap’s intriguing approach to music, and sees them continue to independently redefine the rules for everyone else to follow.

“The City” is out now and Wicked City is out 5 June on Warp Records. Find Jockstrap on Facebook.
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