Jelani Blackman spent the first two years of his life in Brixton, where his family settled after emigrating from Barbados. Although now residing in West London – a move that came after he was separated from his father – his new single hones in on his South London roots: a deeply personal track that sees the rapper confront his past.

As Blackman searches himself – “born in a place that don’t know me / one half of the roots of my family tree” – soulful guitar and chiming piano roll softly underneath him in the track’s opening, offset by the harshness of the hip-hop inflected beat that soon takes over. Backing vocals that whistle “Brixton” are almost gospel-like, emphasising the physical and emotional distance Blackman feels from a childhood so closely tied to his sense of self.

Tipped by Annie Mac as the next Giggs, 27-year-old Blackman certainly stands strong amongst contemporaries like Dave, Ghetts and even Giggs himself. His multi-genre tracks are gritty and brimming with raw emotion, the rapper never losing sight of his individuality or integrity.

Speaking about the track, Blackman says:

“"Brixton" is about being separated from my dad and the area he’s from at two years old, but still feeling connected to it. It was a hard song for me to write, and it took a lot of dealing with personal demons to be able to confront it as an issue. I never wanted to accept that I’d gone through that stereotypical black male experience of growing up without their dad.”

"Brixton" is out now. Follow Jelani Blackman on Instagram.