HUSSY is an artist who is wholly in control of her craft and creates every part of the music on her own. She's a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist who records and layers all the instrumentation in her home studio, and she's about to become your favourite new dream-pop artist.

With her newest single, "Slayer", her knack for layering fuzzy guitars to create bewitching soundscapes is put on full display. Her vocals have a spine-tingling, ghostlike quality that works its way into the interwoven layers of sound as she speaks openly of feeling lost in her own thoughts - a quality that we can all relate to in this fast-moving world.

Speaking on the the track, Ellison says “'Slayer' comes from a place of feeling stuck and willing for something better to come around, disappearing into your own head... I was feeling frustrated and in a stagnant place, not knowing how to move forward while still burning myself at both ends...”

"Slayer" comes as a double single alongside new song "Playtime" that you can also check out here. You can also catch her playing a headline show at London's DIY Space on 25 October.