Taken from their upcoming album, entitled Picture Him Protecting You, "Guitar Cop" sees the duo revel in dance-inducing funk beats and scintillating guitar riffs that are somewhat reminiscent of the early math-rock of Foals, except with more of a glossy, ethereal coating.

The track surfs across a myriad of complex jazz rhythms, cyborg-like synths and soft elegant vocal melodies that make it a wholly entrancing listen that invites you to get lost in its waves as it bounces in perpetual motion.

Brandon and Richard Laws have explained how their music ultimately sees them confront their demons head on, saying "I’m not looking for a cure for my loneliness - maybe just some good medicine." There's a certain mystery around the Portland-based music siblings that makes their whole demeanour even more interesting and with their latest reincarnation they are stronger than ever.

Picture Him Protecting You will be released on 12 July via Fresh Selects and available to pre-order.