“D.T.M.”, the second track from Hope Tala's upcoming EP, encapsulates the sorrow of two people parting ways, the glittering spark of love and lust cruelly extinguished. Lavished with tropical rhythms and thoughtful, intricate song writing, the honeyed melodies almost feel too idyllic to be a song dedicated to lost love.

"The person who initiates ending a relationship often gets accused of not feeling anything – of being insensitive and heartless,” Tala explains. “I wrote this song from the point of view of that person asserting their own sorrow and sensitivity about a relationship ending."

Her voice floats gently over a lulling guitar melody and sporadic finger clicks, effortlessly smooth and soulful in their delivery. They drift over an ocean breeze, swirling in the salty air amidst the tumultuous crashing of waves and pockets of golden sand.

“D.T.M.” is out now ahead of the release of her sophomore EP. Find Hope Tala on Instagram.