We all are, whether we want it or not, attracted to pain. And Harlea knows that.

"Miss Me", she says, is about "giving into an obsession... the reckless abandon with which you are drawn in.

"It expresses an emotional addiction that is felt when you are separated - even a destructive relationship can pale next to the pain of not being together."

The honest and fearless way that Harlea deals with the complexities of post-break up emotions is thrilling to hear on her arresting debut.

“Do you miss me?”, she asks, repeating the question again, exploring her past lover's feelings and tackling them head on. She doesn’t have time to be soppy, she just wants a conclusion.

The 22-year-old tour de force's debut musically plays out like some love child of the Arctic Monkeys and The Kills. “The more it aches/the more it makes me want you”, she sings before investigating what her lover feels like when he’s not with her.

The dynamism of the track's aggressive drums, warbling guitars and her husky vocals make the track an absolute firecracker that's hard to shake off.

With an entrance like this, we have a feeling that Harlea is here to stay.

"Miss Me" is out via 0E0E this Friday, 30 September.