Cope, along with Paul Burdett and France Lahmar, steer the Guest Singer project towards self-explorative themes, turning their gaze towards self-identity. They question the idolisation of celebrities and, in many cases, the subsequent role of envy in perceiving your own flaws.

“Heroes are nothing but unreliable narrators created in our own minds,” says Cope. “What we idolise in other people is often what we think is missing within ourselves.

“When you discover these protagonists of perfection are flawed, cruel, or just boring, the let-down of realisation can empty you out. This song is recognition of that.”

Guest Singer worked with producer Matt Peel (Eagulls, Menace Beach, W. H. Lung) on the EP, using vintage synths to add a woozy depth to Cope's vocals, which shape-shift from soothing Conor O'Brien-esque to soaring ranges in the track's bridge.

On the EP, Cope says: “It’s the perfect soundtrack to your local cosmic wellbeing seminars or when you're on your own, seeking some much needed inner reflection.”

“I Could Never Live Like You Do” is out today and I’m Irrelevant Now drops 22 March via Heist or Hit. Find Guest Singer on Facebook.