The London-via-Yorkshire foursome have been on something of a hiatus since their 2014 UK tour. Now they’re poised for a return to form with a new album in the works, complete with a stripped-down sound and a newly upbeat ethos.

“We wanted to return to a more direct approach and make an up-close, immediate record so we've cut back on the big grand-scale characteristics from the first”, they said. “The new album is something punchier and more personal, hopefully people will feel that."

However, “Learning to Less Feel” is far from saccharine. There's a kind of sombre tint to the soft-focus slacker tune and its lyrics reveal a slide into emotional numbness. Singer Liam Palmer provides an appropriately worn vocal to accompany a vintage throwback lead guitar line.

Grass House are yet to confirm a release date for their new record, but you can whet your appetite with “Learning to Less Feel” below.