Fruit Bats is Chicago native Eric D. Johnson's former solo project-turned-band, with a sprightly 70s pop jaunt on his Sub Pop folk-rock roots.

Though the breezy, buoyant surface of the new track fits the groove of Fruit Bats' self-described “rustic Bee-Gees” vibe, the hopeless lyrics cut through any idealism. “With your heart in a knot you cry for love and loss” sings Johnson in his distinctive falsetto, highlighting the heartache that can sit alongside retrospection.

“Fruit Bats makes existential make-out music,” Johnson says, “but you’re also welcome to dive into it deeper if you want. Good pop music should be sublime like that.”

Sticking to this theme, he describes the new track's subject matter as being about “love and fate and the meaningless random brutal nature of the universe. Y’know, small stuff and big stuff!”

“Gold Past Life” is out today via Merge Records and the album is out 21 June, available to pre-order now. Find Fruit Bats on Facebook.