Following up 2013’s stellar debut I, the band have honed their sound, yet managed to keep the precise rhythms and intensity dialled all the way up, somehow succeeding over the course of the record to be both serene and searing in equal measure. Although predominantly instrumental, Won draws in Carmen Elle of DIANA and Army Girls and Damian Abraham of Fucked Up on vocal duties. Laura C Bates also provides backing vocals and sweeping violin.

Proper Burial builds gradually over scratchy electrics before the locked in fluid bassline and synth drones propel things forward before Carmen Elle’s smooth vocals sit serenely over the top, a delicate counterpoint to the abrasive noise bursts emanating from the band. It’s this interplay between the different parties that makes the track work so well. What could have been dense or heavy is in fact light and fleet of foot, able to change direction at any moment, as it does around the two and a half minute mark as the organ drone and bass give way to a soaring string melody that perfectly frames the longing of Elle’s vocal delivery.