Opening with subtle streams of Persian setar, Farrah introduces her new single by painting a serene picture, before unloading her doubt in an angelic, yet melancholic manner.

Farrah journeys through days of feeling numb, contrasting the negativity and uninspired mindset with velvety vocals and minimal instrumentals that ripple delicately in the summer sun.

As the chorus swells with bubbling synths, Farrah's layered vocals strengthen the word "Nothing" as if 10 voices are stuck on loop in your head, while still maintaining the elegant charm of her R&B infused sound.

Expanding on her latest offering, Farrah says, "Lyrically, it’s my most personal work yet and is about battling with the numbness depression can cause alongside trying to motivate myself to keep creating and stay passionate. Ironically, when I felt like I didn’t have the right mental state to write a couple of months ago, I wrote this song about exactly that and it gave me the excitement I so desperately craved again. I think it’s easy for people to neglect their own mental health whilst so focused on their work and goals in life so I wanted to make a point that as human beings we’re allowed to be kind to ourselves and take a breather when things might feel too much. I hope this message can resonate with people in all different walks of life."

Farrah's new single follows on from earlier releases "Making Do" and "Under Pressure".

"Nothing" is out now. Find Farrah on Instagram.