Awash with heartening and affectionately intimate harmonies over ecclesiastical Hammond organ, Coco's introductory track “Empty Beach” is shaped around an earthy and cosy core. The project is a joining of musicians with a shared vision to offer their music unburdened by the industry grind, preconceptions and gimmicks.

"Coco is not about who we are; it's not an entity that magnifies our personas,” says the project. “It's not a game. We choose to share this music with the world anonymously because we want Coco to be solely and truly about the music. We want the songs to speak for themselves, to be received in pure form by the listener alone. 'Empty Beach' uses only the necessary elements, and reflects both the emptiness and the fullness of human experience."

“Coco isn’t a side project or any kind of project,” they explain. “It isn’t college kids or city kids. It isn’t siblings or lovers. It isn’t context. It’s a root vegetable that needs to be rinsed. It’s thick brushstrokes on a canvas rough and oily. It’s a blast of greens and blues, swirling heavy through your head and filling up your nostrils like a VapoRub steam room. It’s a transmission that requires nothing but an ear, and two is better still for dimension. It’s a shout in the wind."

The track's theme of an “Empty Beach” is symbolic of peace and renewal, with snug and reassuring influences of solitary hygge, as Coco describes: “Greens and blues wash over you, the sand is a soul pumice. The song is every sound machine that helps you sleep at night, accompaniment to a book you choose to read. Rather than seek comfort in the company of friends or family or a party you can take refuge within loneliness.”

“Empty Beach” is out today.