London’s Cairobi have a taste for anthems of the psychedelia persuasion and their finely crafted number “Lupo” has won us right over.

A tune that welds Pond and turn-of-the-century indie rockers The Dandy Warhols is always going to be accessible, but this one is extremely so. Its well-painted riff is perfect for a good ‘ol sing or hum-along and whilst its lyrics are far more distinguishable than other songs of its kind, “Lupo” rises to meet a pop audience to aplomb with all its synths and sprightly key changes.

Cairobi are set to drop their self-titled debut record on 16 September (via Week of Wonders). If this track is anything to go by it’ll be a fun-packed psychedelia bonanza that’ll keep you dancing.

Cairobi play Liverpool Psych Fest (23 / 24 September). More live dates announced soon.

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