Jazz hip-hop has had somewhat of a resurgence in the past couple of years thanks to collectives such as Yogocop Records and High Focus as well as emerging scenes in Norwich, Bristol, Manchester and Brighton.

Benny Mails, break dancer turned rapper, makes a movement towards this new brand of jazz-hop in his collaboration with veteran Art Daley. On “Senses” the usual gritty flow that has come to be associated with Mails is traded in for a more sultry and styled rhythm reminiscent of Loyle Carner and Benaddict and one that seems to fit the young artist perfectly.

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Following the true story of Benny getting arrested for graffitiing with King Krule at the age of 16, 'Senses' reflects the hard sell of materialism via advertisement to the working class. Production duties come courtesy of Kidkanevil and there is even a sample from Joe Henderson’s “Black Narcissus” in the mix. Safe to say, Benny Mails has nailed the brief this time.

“Senses” is out now.