It was rough around the edges, raw, yet possessed somewhat of a pop sensibility that made the masses move. With his new single "Somethin About U", the songsmith/astronaut-obsessive has gloriously indulged those tendencies.

The opening lines "for your birthday / get me closer to you / when I'm like above / I see the matter of truth" are touchingly vulnerable, but soon develop with a somewhat authoritative edge. As always with astronomyy there are a set of fundamentals - fragmented rhythmic motifs, licks of spectral guitar - but beyond that he has honed into something far more tangible.

Whether it's the cyclical vocal hooks or zealous uplifting progressions, this is a concise and unexpected progression from a musician whose pieces usually breeze over five minutes. This nonplussed, almost jovial edge inspires that 'I don't know what party he's headed to, but I want in' feeling.

There are intellectually rigorous aesthetics somewhat reminiscent of the early Warp movement, but when coupled with immaculately surfaced contemporary pop elements they gain a new lease of life.

The result is a track that wouldn't sound out of place creaking in a grotty Neukolln club or blaring loud from the Radio 1 playlist.

Most significantly, however, it's another indication of prowess from a young writer who has so much to give and, with a debut full length out this Spring, we're sure our pockets will be full soon enough.