"'Missing Me' is about releasing all that punchy sass and angst that bubbles under the surface when somebody isn’t listening to you, or they’re letting you down, or breaking your heart," explains McMahon.

To replicate that feeling of release in the music McMahon pits spiky guitars against her blues-infused, semi-hushed vocals - it's a jagged concoction that gels and ramps up as the seconds tick by, eventually snowballing into a cathartic, full-band salvo where McMahon shakes off any shackles and pumps up the volume.

McMahon, who's opened for names such as Father John Misty and The Shins, is following up her lauded debut "Slow Mover". Both songs will appear on her first full-length, which is being co-produced with Alex O'Gorman.

McMahon has a handful of Australian shows in March, including a sold-out date at Melbourne's Howler on 9 March. Find out the full details.

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