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Alewya 2021 Play please credit Hendrik Schenider

"Play" is a kinetic celebration of freedom from Alewya

07 October 2021, 10:10 | Written by Hannah Browne

With a distinctive tone and confidence, Alewya sweeps through a pacesetting fusion of R&B and dance-pop on “Play”; arriving with the announcement of her debut EP, Panther In Mode.

Raised and based in London but with a diaspora from around the globe, Alewya’s Egyptian and Ethiopian descent leans into her celebration of future sounds that cannot be pinned to a particular location. An artist, illustrator, and sculptor, her art, too, crosses mediums to define Alewya as an intriguing multi-hyphenate and nonchalant auteur.

Upon releasing “Sweating” last year to a heap of success, she continued to draw from club culture alongside producer duo The Busy Twist to cement her communal embrace of drum ‘n’ bass beats with pop hooks. The recent single “Spirit_X” was her defining point – an edgier celebration of underground tones.

Cathartic and infectious, “Play” is packed with energy. Bearing the Afro-fusion of the alté scene as well as a smokey R&B haze in the introduction, the track unravels to be a waist-winding anthem about late nights. “I give you pleasure with the sweetest vision / I give you pleasure with the deepest dance” she sings while touching upon the power of femininity.

The accompanying video sees Alewya thrive at a dance party from dusk through to dawn. It’s an energising snapshot of her craft, which basks in a warm glow.

Speaking on the track, Alewya shares “’Play’ is a song about my love and gratitude for pleasure and play and how it has and can unlock deeper feelings of connections. It’s overtly feminine and innately primal and most of all light and fun!”

“Just like every other song, it formed itself,” she tells Best Fit. “Me and Busy Twist have really great chemistry and the same intentions with the music we make together. Our creative process is to follow the gut and piece together a song that already exists in our hearts. The song is about play in every way, and how it unlocks new levels of connections and dope feelings that the world teaches you you’ve outgrown but no… Pleasure and play are granted to us forever."

Arriving alongside the announcement of her debut EP Panther In Mode, she continues “I can’t find the words… I’ll just leave describing it to the listeners!"

“Play” is out now via Because London, with the debut EP Panther In Mode set for release on 18 November. Find Alewya on Instagram.
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