Featuring a recap of some of our Discovery section's most loved tracks plus a handful of first timers on Best Fit, what follows are ten of the most essential songs that are bubbling online right now in an easy to digest 30 minutes. 

Available to stream or download below, get aquainted with new music from Mutual Benefit, Deaf Wish, TĀLĀ, The Wharves, Oceaán (pictured) and a whole lot more.

Best Fit Podcast: October 2014 // Tracklist
1. Zulu Pearls - "Lightweight"
2. Deaf Wish - "Cool Comment"
3. dd elle - "Tell Me"
4. TĀLĀ - "Alchemy"
5. White Sands - "The Wait"

6. Oceaán - "Grip"
7. Mutual Benefit - "Auburn Epitaphs"
8. Krill - "Peanut Butter"
9. The Wharves - "Renew"
10. SALES - "Chinese New Year"