2011 has been quite a year here at TLOBF and I think we have all been amazed by the quantity of great records that have come out this year. It’s been another busy year for Oh! Canada too- one that has seen us extend our Oh! Canada Road-trip series to the West coast and almost up to the Arctic Circle in Dawson City. We also proudly teamed up with Kelp Records for a party at NXNE in Toronto in June, and presented a showcase at Halifax Pop Explosion in October. Our thanks to all the acts who played those: Pink Moth, The Elwins, Slow Down, Molasses, Shuyler Jansen, Kite Hill, Paper Beat Scissors, Giant Hand, The Provincial Archive and Snailhouse.

As a thank you to all those who have supported the Oh! Canada compilations we are proud to present the third edition of Ho Ho Ho Canada. Once again we asked a selection of artists for festive or seasonal contributions and once again they didn’t disappoint- some gave album tracks that fitted the wintry theme, some tackled traditional songs or treasured festive favourites, while others penned entirely new content exclusively for you!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute to an Oh! Canada compilation this (or indeed any) year, everyone who took the time to listen to them and to contact the bands to thank them. As ever- you can hear more from each artist by clicking on their name.

Ho Ho Ho Canada III

1. Jim Bryson – Silent Night
2. The Evaporators – Who Are You?
3. Malajube – Le Blizzard
4. Apollo Ghosts- Money Has No Heart
5. Slow Down, Molasses – Silver Bells *
6. Carnival Moon – Ring Christmas Bells *
7. Kith & Kin – Bright Morning Stars
8. Lake Forest – Little Drummer Boy *
9. The Mountains And The Trees – Winter Blues (With Ruth Minnikin and John Mullane) *
10. The Wooden Sky – Christmas All Over Again *
11. Shotgun Jimmie and Cole – Lazy Boy *
12. Werbo – Jesus Are You Santa?
13. Les Breastfeeders – Manteau De Froid
14. Ryan Driver – Oh Snow Angel
15. Jason Zumpano – Vato’s Gold (from the upcoming documentary Cartoon College)
16. Muskox – Riu Riu Chiu *
17. The Wilderness of Manitoba – Hark! The Herald Angel Sing *
18. Artur Dyjecinski – Christmas at Turnagan Pass *
19. Ivy Mairi – Wintry City
20. Kellarissa – Enkeli Taivaan
21. Al Tuck - O Come O Come Emmanuel

* = Recorded for this compilation.

All of these songs have been given free for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy them and have a fantastic festive season. At this time of year especially there are hundreds of good causes all seeking your help-we hope that, in keeping with the spirit of giving, if you enjoy this compilation you might consider giving a donation to one of them.

If this doesn’t satisfy your festive Canadian needs- a quick shout out to Sound Vat who have put together “If Jesus had been born in Canada he would have needed more than swaddling clothes and Devon Sproule contributes to the For Folks Sake Christmas album (sales of which go to Integrated Cancer Care). Sloan are giving the proceeds from their version of 12 Days of Christmas to The Daily Bread Food Bank, while Zunior have put together a compilation for the same cause blending Canadian classics with Christmas tunes. And finally…Apollo Ghosts teamed up with wrestler The Honky Tonk Kid for Honky Tonk’s Blue Christmas.

And of course, we wish you all a Happy Christmas and look forward to bringing more Canadian goodness to you in 2012.

You can follow Oh Canada on Twitter at @OhCanada_uk for news, links and more.

Artwork from the desk of Mr Jon Janes