Bolstered by sparkling production from Andy McDonnell and a flawless vocal delivery from Michael Tyrrell, “We Were Kings” bristles with promise and follows on neatly from last year’s debut EP We Are SUNS.

With “Were Were Kings” out this week, we catch up with the pair as they talk influence, their chance meeting and what the rest of 2014 holds.

Can you talk me through how you guys came to form SUNS?

We were both making music on our own then we met at a mutual friend’s party. We very quickly realised that we were pushing for the same thing creatively and started making music together two weeks later. We both knew it would work before we even got into the studio.

If you could describe your sound in a singular sentence, what would it be?

Dancing in the dark.

How do you feel your individual paths influence the overall creative process in writing and producing your music?

We’re both fans of leftfield pop music. We certainly have different influences along the way, but with the same end goal in sight we tend to crystallise on the same ideas. That means our writing is generally quite quick and painless… generally.

Away from music, what inspires you?

Daydreams. Sometimes I’ll discover that I’ve just been floating along, and in the background my brain has been chipping away at something beautifully and uniquely surreal. It’s always great if you can capture that.

What is ‘We Were Kings’ about and, do you feel the song is a good indicator of what’s to follow from SUNS?

“We Were Kings” is about transience: changing relationships; fleeting moments; fickle emotional states etc. There are elements of it that are quite pop and others that are slightly more unusual. In that way we think it’s a good indication of what is to come.

What artists are you enjoying right now?

I’m slightly obsessed with Kwabs, and SOHN’s production on the EP as well as his own material is lush. I recently saw Jungle at the Oval Space and that was really fun. The new Attaque album is sounding beautiful as well. I still keep going back to Jai Paul demos, can’t wait for that guy to release an album.

Who would you say is your biggest musical influence when it comes to the overall SUNS sound?

Obviously we both have something of an obsession with music and have been influenced by dozens of artists along the way both through listening and working with artists in the studio. But we’ve always felt it far more important to sound distinctly like SUNS. For that reason we try to avoid being influenced heavily by anyone else. No matter how big a fan we are.

Where would you like to see yourselves in a year’s time?

Hopefully performing in a number of muddy fields in the UK and further afield. We’ve spent a large part of the last year in the studio writing and working on videos and we re very keen to step up the live side of things.

Suns play The Waiting Room in London on September 24.