"At the minute I feel like young people are not being listened to,” Harrison explains. “Music is how I can express my opinions and create change. If we fight, we win.”

Growing up surrounded by music from people like Bob Dylan and The Clash, protest songs are a natural outlet for Yungblud, and “King Charles” is two and a half minutes of rage against the system.

The repeated refrain of “Get out your wallet and give us your money/And you might as well throw in your soul”, just about manages to avoid wandering from protest into cliche, and the overtly political lyrics are supported with a driving backbeat that almost makes the end product resemble a hip-hop crossover.

It might sound like Yungblud is trying to do too much at once, but the end product is a lot more polished than you might expect. All of these disparate elements somehow pull together into one of the best debut tracks in recent memory, a kind of mix of Jamie T and Arctic Monkeys, with an added dash of punk spirit thrown in for good measure. Yungblud scores a stone cold banger right out of the gate.

"King Charles" is out now.