Songwriter Gabriel Birnbaum teams up with bandmates and long-time collaborators Katie Von Schleicher, Nick Jost, Adam Brisbin, and Sean Mullins to create an album that aspires to bring Brooklyn to life with the depth of James Joyce's depictions of Dublin. With Von Schleicher taking the lead vocals, "Drunk Driver"'s haunting melody provides a vehicle for lyrics that carefully build a world wrought in meticulous detail. It's no wonder the band describe their songwriting process as akin to mapping. 

"Drunk Driver" is just one facet of what full-length record Zion promises: "a kaleidoscopic snapshot of years hustling for a break in New York City." There's a beautiful edge of weariness to the recent single's folk-rock sound that sonically reflects the sheer exhaustion of city life. Needless to say, "Drunk Driver" will resonate with city dwellers far beyond Brooklyn for exactly this reason, and the band implore you to "share it with a friend like a cold bottle of sancerre in the park."

Zion is due out 13 July via Northern Spy Records.