The duo will soon release their debut mixtape, Holidates, which "feels like a journey through electronic music from 1981 right up to now". It will comprise fresh noise, and a currently-unnamed Janet Jackson cover. Their first track from that tape, "Sweat It Out", has been getting a lot of love lately, and we're proudly premiering the video today for all to see. 

Amandah says of the track's creation:

"Sweat It Out’ came together at the very end of the writing process.  It started as a bit of fun and ended up becoming a last minute addition to the mixtape.  It's our version of a lusty dancefloor track and it sums up the ideas behind Holidates: summertime, the experiences you encounter abroad; mistaken love, confusion and wonder"  

The duo also currently have a club night residency at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh, and their next shows will be 21 November and 19 December.

Watch the video below.

The "Sweat It Out" single is out now on SIC.