Johansson might be better known these days as part of Starwalker and Lady & Bird, but the Icelandic composer has something completely different in store.

The tune smacks of Frengers-era Mew; angular post-punk revival axes pirouette around strobed bass caverns and taut falsetto vox. It's endlessly infectious to the point the WHO might want to get involved; this is the kind of Scandi-pop anthem that'll barricade itself deep into your grey walnut and refuse to leave without police intervention. It's gorgeous guitar-led noise, and serves as a mighty taster of Bang Gang's upcoming record.

Johansson is also teaming up with to give you the chance to create the official music video for "Out Of Horizon". For more details, click here.

Bang Gang's next album is slated for a Spring release, but for any more info you should head here. You can purchase "Out Of Horizon" from here.

Stream the single below.