Chaos and uncertainty rage on during this global pandemic, it’s something that none have experienced before and along with messages of staying safe and hoping loved ones are okay, Vlossom are keen to do something else. With their debut EP, My Friend, they hope “it can help people stay in love with each other,” and lead track "Missing You" is certainly built for that.

“'Missing You' came together from a great keyboard part Peter Mayes has played on this old and very rare synth that was designed by the one and only Wendy Carlos, who has had an incredible impact on electronic and recorded music in the last fifty years,” Littlemore explains.

Wright adds, “I think when you miss someone, you know for a fact that you love them. We wrote this when I was in LA, so I was thinking about someone back home.” So wherever you are right now, all those people you’re missing, you’re in love with them.

Vlossom are made up of accomplished Australian songwriters and musicians Nick Littlemore and Alister Wright. Littlemore is best known for his work with glam-pop outfit Empire of the Sun and electronic project PNAU, whereas Wright is normally at home fronting alt rock band Cloud Control. These are not hard and fast boundaries, as the pair explain - Vlossom’s collaborative nature isn’t just limited to their new world.

“As of right now Vlossom is in season,” Littlemore adds “as the spring approaches in the northern lands and the autumn burrows in south. The work Alister and I have been doing together has a vibrancy and lightness, it’s easy to do.” For Wright, working as part of Vlossom has helped him discover it’s easier to “not to have to define yourself completely [by] a single project. You can be more true to what you're doing in the moment.”

The My Friend EP delivers a slew of opportunities for listeners to immerse themselves in and with “Missing You” shining as bright as it does, whether your deep in your self isolation thoughts or ready to dance and forget your problems, you can do it all with this collection.

"Missing You" and My Friend are out now via Lab87. Find Vlossom on Facebook