Built on a brooding instrumental that would be fitting for Ian Brown, "Holes" sees rising wordsmith Vineyard Cries merge his fast and ferocious flow into an electrifying force that explodes into a huge chorus.

The screeching melody adds urgency, painting a dystopian picture where Vineyard Cries defies the negativity to come out on top.

Explaining in more detail, he explains, "So "Holes" to me is my twisted play on society. Basically saying no matter how big and bad you are, I’ll always have one up on you. “Don’t you tell me that the sky is the limit because I came here through the hole in the ground.” It’s antithesis.”

The cracking beat acts like a whip to those that doubt his capabilities, swirling into a hurricane of fierce bars that could be hitting out at the Grenfell disaster of 2017, "It's hard to see the light when the tower blocks are blocking the summer sun / Until it catches fire in the middle of Ramadan / The power of breaking the fast / The power of prayer / The power of cheap fitted gas pipes ignitin' the stairs."

"Holes" is a bitter concoction of Britpop and British rap that unite for a thirst-quenching chorus that'll leave you rearing to go. "Holes" is out everywhere tomorrow (16 November). Find Vineyard Cries on Facebook and Instagram.