The track is underpinned by a blatant hip-hop sensibility, but it's Taiwò's vibrant and striking vocals that make it. His voice has the power to be all-encompassing and full of resplendent glory.

Yet, the most entrancing thing about Taiwò's voice is undeniably that is has not been airbrushed to perfection, meaning that the rawness of the emotions that he is expressing feel genuine, revealing a beauty within the cracks and imperfections.

"Shovel Moonlight" is an intense song and even its creation stirred a lot of inner emotions in Taiwò as he explains "I’m writing this song, and in my head I have a person I’m talking to, a person really close to me I feel needs to hear this. And I keep on writing it, and I finish it. And it sorta strikes me, the person that needed to hear this was maybe myself. And fam, I cried. For a long time and in a room full of people, I just sat there and ugly cried."

It's the first glimpse of Taiwò's upcoming audio/visual project, entitled First Movement, which will include an EP and short film which will be exclusively premiered on Apple Music between the 6-13 April.

First Movement is set to be released on 6 April.